Some of the worst things in my life have turned out to be the best


Everything happens for a reason is something I’m trying to hold on to again. Over the last few weeks, I’ve turned down various jobs and accepted one.

This job has turned out to be another I’m about to quit. At the interview I pointed out that I could only do one late shift a week – I don’t drive and live 20 miles away, so would need to find somewhere to stay or a lift, if I had to finish after 10pm (after public transport has stopped). I got offered the job – I did check that my time limitations were ok… They were – so I accepted-now every other week I’m expected to work 5 lates a week. Apparently they didn’t agree to a special working pattern…. I’m angry and feel let down, I’m also upset about the way I’ve been treated, especially as this is supposed to be a Christian organisation. I can’t figure out the logic of why they thought I could suddenly work these late shifts.

I have to keep remembering that my higher power has a plan, it just doesn’t match mine. Unfortunately unlike a tram I’m not stuck to rigid lines so I can’t see what is going to happen next.

To stop my life sucking for today, I’m going to pray and hand it all over to my higher power!