What can I do to feel less negative?


I definitely used to be a glass is half empty person.  There are now a lot of things I do to feel less negative – I think I have shared about most of these things in the past, so today is more of a summary.


I am grateful for butterflies, the opportunity to experience nature, having a camera, being able to see…………

For my anyway its important to look for the positives in life, a I think I have shared before, I emailed 10 things I was grateful for to a friend every day for over a year (I can’t actually remember how long now). As I didn’t repeat things that meant I found at least a few thousand things to be grateful for – although realistically I guess I repeated a few things and neither of us realised.

Writing those gratitude lists for so long still helps me today – as I’m now more likely to automatically think about something to be grateful especially when things are stressful.

More about gratitude lists can be found here: First entry – Gratitude lists

The other thing that really helped me was a God box – I used to write my fears

photo 2

My God Box.

and worries on pieces of paper and put them in the box. For me actually using a physical action to hand things over to God/my higher power helped. It’s something, I can now visualising doing.

I also share my worries with friends now – I don’t have secrets in my life anymore. Although saying that one of the things I still struggle with is bitching to people – I am trying to work on doing that less.

Volunteering also helps me – as it stops me thinking just about myself.  I also use meditation a lot.  Another link to something I wrote a while ago is: Worrying again …..


I knitted these for a local charity.

I used to think I could chuck money at the problems I had for life to improve, examples I have include paying for a personal trainer and a health coach, this really just proved a waste money. There seem to be a lot of people out there who try to make money in the self-help field. I guess at this point I should say I am biased – but for me the one thing I spent money on which really helped me was seeing a counsellor. (Biased because I have the piece paper which says I have a counselling diploma – but I have only ever volunteered as a counsellor although in the past I have had paid work – as a support worker in a homeless hostel). Although even then I didn’t spend a great deal of money, as I saw a trainee – I didn’t really plan it that way but thats how it worked out.

What do you do to feel less negative?